Have you ever imagined a Foxy Carbon with 29” wheels? Of course you have. But what about a Foxy Carbon 29 with the same incredible frameset weight as the 27’5”, a more refined and mighty layout featuring our evolved & lightest Stealth Air manufacturing process, improved -29” wheels’ specific- Zero Suspension System kinematics and optimized Forward Geometry?

Introducing Foxy Carbon 29: As on the best movies, sometimes, dreams come true.


Trail, All Mountain, Enduro? You name it. Our most innovative, most efficient and most capable mountain bike is set to deliver. Point and shoot. Foxy Carbon 29 is THE wonder BIKE and knows no barriers, with total versatility and pushing the boundaries from Trail to Enduro Racing ideal for any type of use and rider regardless of their skills.

Foxy Carbon 29 takes versatility, suspension and pedalling performance to a whole new level in a lightweight & cuttingedge futuristic design package with the best Mondraker racing experience, core values and breakthrough technologies applied in Mountain Biking nowadays.

Iconic 29er design

Foxy Carbon 29 brings together our best and most sophisticated technologies. Might look alike but this is a dedicated 29 frame, geometry and suspension system. Its design represents an extraordinary breakthrough, with a front triangle that features a more stylized layout with thinner tubes; a top tube with a flatter profile that inspires and brings greater speed and lightness, establishing a new stiffness standard, along with a new rear end with an entirely renewed and structurally reinforced swingarm. Three Foxy Carbon 29 models R, RR and XR featuring our proprietary Stealth Air manufacturing process.


Everything we’ve learnt in the last few years out of making some of the radically best full suspension bikes on the market with the help and expertise of our racing heritage and extensive prototype testing throughout the way is gathered here on this super bike. Combining the agility, precise handling and lightness of a Trail bike with the great absorption, traction and confidence inspiring of a hardcore Enduro bike in a bigger wheeled package, Foxy Carbon 29 will exceed your greatest expectations.

Where are the Foxy Carbon 29 limits?

We don’t know. We tried to max it out, but we haven’t been there yet. One thing is for sure: We are enjoying the ride as never before. Every trail feature looks smaller, going fast has never felt this easy. Don’t even try to push yourself too much. You wouldn’t believe you’ll end up loving 29” wheels that much. Don’t blame Strava either for improving all your personal bests. Don’t blame yourself. Don’t blame Mondraker. Blame The Almighty Foxy Carbon 29.


-Adjustable geometry: +/- 1º head angle

Foxy Carbon 29 inherits the technology also present in Summum Carbon, Dune Carbon or Foxy Carbon models offering the possibility of adjusting its head angle by +/-1º to better suit our riding preferences.

* The adjustable geometry kit that includes the additional cups to steepen or slacken the head angle is included as standard with the Foxy Carbon XR 29 model and framekit, and we offer it optionally for the rest of 2019 Foxy Carbon 29 models.

-Shorter fork offsets

Foxy Carbon 29 forks feature short 44mm offsets which perfectly match Forward Geometry with clear performance gains: increased stability at speed, better front wheel control and dramatically improved front tire grip. Extensive testing has proved that shorter fork offsets have its biggest and superior benefits in combination with our genuine and distinctive Forward Geometry concept with its super responsive and direct steering featuring FG30mm stem and long reach. The increase in trail boosts steering stability with a perfectly balanced 66º standard (and adjustable) head angle with 160mm forks.

The result? Shorter offsets combined with Forward Geometry translates into a more playful ride, the feeling that you can attack harder in corners with extra confidence and added grip as a bonus, and a more enjoyable and faster ride overall.

-CSC- Carbon Stiffness Control Technology

The manufacturing process of the new Foxy Carbon 29 upper link with Trunnion mount represents an innovative technological solution for a key element in the design and performance of the new rear suspension. It is a 3-piece construction combined with a carbon central section that allows some controlled flex, minimize vibrations, whilst saving a few grams. 8 bearings are present in the upper link: Four in the back -two on each side- joining the seatstays, and two in each pivot point with the frame and shock respectively. This innovative construction ensures the best performance together with the new Zero suspension system optimization.

-Exclusive design for 1X12 drivetrains

Following the new trends in the market and as well as Foxy Carbon 27’5” sibling, Foxy Carbon 29 stands out for offering a short chainstay length of 435mm and a more compact and stiff swingarm specific for 1X12 drivetrains.

-HHG Internal cable routing: Hidden Housing Guide

Foxy Carbon 29 benefits from our HHG technology with internal guide for the rear derailleur cable, rear brake line and internally routed seatpost on all models. HHG features some external stops to attach the cables, avoiding any possible noise whilst preserving the most sleek and as clean as possible design.

-New oversized pivot thru axles and Enduro bearings

Foxy Carbon 29 models benefit from bigger diameter thru axles (15 mm) as well as featuring oversized and exclusive Enduro bearings, increasing lifespan and reliability, able to withstand higher loads and a more demanding ride.

-Boost 148×12 and 110×15 mm

Foxy Carbon 29 features Boost hub with 110×15 mm front and 148×12 mm rear spacing.

-Integrated and removable rear shock fender

The new full carbon swingarm design features a protective mudguard for the rear shock, keeping the suspension system cleaner when riding in muddy or very dusty conditions, ensuring the smoothest and highest performance as well as a superior reliability and lifespan of all moving parts of the Zero suspension system.

-Exclusive downtube and chainstay protectors

To prevent that any stone or hit could damage the downtube or the chain can directly hit the chainstay surface, we have designed exclusive protectors made from carbon and high density rubber respectively, which help preserve and maintain the frameset as brand new.

-ISCG05 / BB73 threaded bottom bracket shell/ Tapered headtube/ Post mount rear brake caliper

Foxy Carbon 29 has the option of installing a chainguide with ISCG05 mount. The bottom bracket is a standard type English thread with a shell width of 73mm to provide the maximum stiffness and reliability as possible. The headtube is tapered, 1-1/8” upper and 1-1/2” lower. The rear brake is post-mount with new location for the caliper between seatstays and chainstays- collaborating on the creative clean lines and exceptional design of its carbon frame, improving brake efficiency and minimizing vibrations.