The YT Industries’s new trail bike: IZZO / FAST・AGILE・SHARP


Trail. A magical word for every mountain biker – and so many possibilities. A short lap behind the house, an enduro trail in the bike park, the stairway to heaven high up in the mountains, or maybe a quick trip to the ice-cream parlor: all trails. And your bike needs to work everywhere. This requires a stiff carbon frame, an efficient but still comfortable rear end, low weight and room for a water bottle, as well as reliable components, slack angles and a dash of rowdiness.


You don’t live close to Les Gets? Your trails are not full of 15-meter gaps – but 15000 roots, natural berms and rocks that want you to come out and play? When you cross the Alps, you’re still hunting for those trail endorphins? We made a bike just for you. Yes, we did! For the design, we let ourselves be inspired by the deadly combination of beauty, efficiency and (conceptual) sharpness of the Japanese Katana sword.

For the rear end, we’ve opted for a four-link design that puts 130mm of tight and progressive travel in your greedy little hands. Less travel for more trails, more fun, and more possibilities? A trail bike with YT DNA? IZZO!