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New Canyon Spectral 2020

No Routine!

With its modern geometry, progressive suspension and high-quality components, the Spectral will have you ready to take on technical singletrack, while remaining easy to pedal to the trailhead. The 2020 models feature 160 mm travel on the front, so you can attack turbulent descents without backing down. Drop everything and just hit the trail – what are you waiting for?

The Spectral brings the best mixture of traction, control, handling and playfulness together into a simple and versatile trail-taming tool. And now, with extra travel, it’s ready for even more extreme descents than ever before.


CFR stands for Canyon Factory Racing – these flagship bikes are proven by pro athletes on the world stage. Premium carbon fiber layup is superlight, extremely stiff, and incredibly robust. Highest quality wheels, suspension, and shifting available.


Stiffer, lighter, and every bit as tough as aluminium. Incredible performance – engineered to be stiff and flexible in different areas, for ultimate load and weight distribution.


Robust, light, versatile bikes, unbeatable value. Trusted components you can rely on. Just as capable as their carbon counterparts, and with superior equipment at the same price point.


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