From a Young Kid to a Racer, a Tester and Developer.

Cédric Gracia is an MTB legend. Now, at the age of forty one and facing a completely different stage in his professional career, he looks back and talks with us from a deep-personal perspective whilst sitting on his couch.

Sit down, relax and enjoy this long interview with him. Not many times we have the chance to know a legend so personally.

His adventure on two wheels started at the age of five when he first jumped on a BMX and decided to race it.

From that precise moment and onwards, he’s been living a romance with cycling, from BMX, to Road and MTB. One of his main arguments has been to always try to have fun, which has led him to where he is now – being one of the most recognized and experienced riders out there.

He could have gone the easy way and look for an easy retirement with a great contract. However, CG is not that kind of person, he’s a real entrepreneur and truly believed he could still bring much more to the industry, so he accepted to join Forestal to be an active part of the project.
The knowledge he has is crucial to help develop new products that can fit in a place in the market that is yet to cover and that will unify many different riders; based on technology, weight and true essence.

His feedback on riding sensations and feelings are key, and has proven to be that kind of test rider that can work hard both on and off the bike.
Joining Forestal has been a great step and risk in his life, but for him, this step is also a privilege and an opportunity that happens once in a lifetime. In his own words he talks about how special it is to be able to be part of this, creating what may be “the thing” in the MTB industry.