We are excited to announce a vibrant roster of global athletes and M-bassadors for the 2018 season and onwards. All of our riders have their own unique style on the bike, as well as being fantastic voices for the Marin brand.

With a mix of both racers and social media stars, there will be a steady stream of content being developed as well as working with our product team on development and feedback.

“We are pleased to introduce you to a group of young up and comers, who are starting out in their career as professional athletes and will carry the Marin torch for a minimum of the next two years,” says John Oldale, Team Manager. “Additionally, we have a veteran athlete who brings years of top-level performance and excitement. Be sure to follow along as these riders bring their adventures to events and screens worldwide.”

Matt Jones

Age: 23 / Riding Discipline: Slopestyle MTB

Marin Bikes Announces 2018 Team

A rising superstar of the MTB freeride scene and all-around British gentlemen, Matt has recently seen a huge growth in his following, partly thanks to his recently released Red Bull video “Frames of Mind.”

Matt loves nothing more than to explore the world on two wheels.

Mark Matthews

Age: 30 / Riding Discipline: Adventure, Freeride, Dirt Jump

Marin Bikes Announces 2018 Team

Mark is based on Vancouver Island, Canada, but can usually be found in the furthest reaches of the globe creating unique and exciting content.

Mark has a freeride background and his effortless style on a bike explains his ever-increasing fan base.

Veronique Sandler

Age: 24 / Riding Discipline: Downhill MTB

Marin Bikes Announces 2018 Team

New Zealand native Veronique is one of the most exciting up and comers on the MTB scene.

The versatile Kiwi bicycle talent has a background in DH racing, but more recently has shifted to creating social media content and traveling the world with her bike.

Make sure you follow Veronique for a unique take on riding multiple types of bikes in exotic locations.

Timo Pritzel

Age: 40 / Riding Discipline: Racing BMX and Ambassador

Marin Bike Announces 2018 Team

The German MTB legend may have relaxed a little in his age, but can still give kids half his age a run for their money. Timo has a massive following, and has a reach that goes far beyond his cycling, he is also a renowned yoga instructor.

Nikki Whiles

Age: 29 / Riding Discipline: All-round

Marin Bikes Announces 2018 Team

With a background in DH racing, Nikki has transitioned into being an all-round stylish rider on anything with two wheels and has embraced everything from gravel bikes to dirt jump.

The down-to-earth Welshman is always happy to be on a cycle, as long as there is a cup of tea at the end of the ride.

Matt Koen

Age: 19 Riding Discipline: Racer focusing on the Enduro World Series

Marin Bike Announces 2018 Team

With a 4th and a 6th place in the 2017 U21 Enduro World Series, Matt has his sights set firmly on the overall top spot for 2018.

Hailing from Marin County, Matt has learned to ride incredibly fast and smooth on world-famous trails with some legendary riders.

We can’t wait to see him start to collect those podium spots.

Martha Gill

Age: 20 / Riding Discipline: Enduro Racer

Marin Bike Announces 2018 Team

The U21 Enduro World Series champion is set for big things as she moves into her first season as an elite. When Martha isn’t in full race mode, she can usually be found entertaining the race pits with her wheelies and stunts.


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