Following on from an anonymous series of films telling the stories of four incredible Young Talents the 87-year-old IronNun, downhill skateboarder Ryan Farmer, Mixed Martial Arts fighter Polly Beauchamp and reformed mob enforcer, James Giuliani –  we revealed our role as teller of these empowering stories the weekend just gone.

The four non-mountain-bike related talents were joined by YT riders Aaron Gwin, Andreu Lacondeguy and Vali Höll.

The empowering campaign has served as a prelude to the unveiling of our new logo, strapline and the release of a YT documentary – chronicling the full history of our company, from 2008 to the now. Just about when we are heading towards our 10-year anniversary.

Brand Relaunch

The evolved branding and strapline, ‘Live Uncaged’, unite the old and the new. Our youthful energy, badass confidence, and agelessness reflect the true core of our brand.

What Is Young Talent? Young Talent is what YT stands for. It’s inside us all. It’s up to each of us to find our young and undiscovered talent, to overcome conventions and pursue our dreams. This is exactly what CEO Markus Flossmann did when he founded YT 10 years ago.

YT has stayed true to that founding ideal and has always done things our own way. From selling direct and ditching the middleman to redefining the sport itself with bike breeds like the CAPRA, smashing the trail bike scene with the rule-breaking JEFFSY and writing history with Aaron Gwin dominating the World Cup on our downhill weapon Tues.

„It’s never too late to explore, your young talent. It’s never too late to try something new and find your passion.“

Over the last decade I’ve realized that Young Talent has nothing to do with age,” explains Markus. It’s this way of life that utterly defines YT and our bikes. YT is about riding. It’s about refusing to be caged. It’s about finding your passion. It’s about building the perfect tool for every kind of rider, in order to allow them to unleash their own potential – bikes that let everyone do whatever they want. “And today, years later, we’re still exploring our young talents, overcoming age and conventions. All so you can uncage yours too.” You are confined only by the bars you build yourself.

YT Industries