The TwinLoc Suspension System is a proprietary SCOTT Suspension System that allows a rider to control a bikes suspension performance and geometry simultaneously.

With TwinLoc, you can have three bikes in one.


The system works by connecting the shock, fork, and ultimately the frame via a handlebar remote. With the remote, the user has the ability to chose from three ride modes, Descend, Traction Control and Lockout. Let’s explain each of these modes independently.

The system works by connecting the shock, fork, and ultimately the frame via a handlebar remote. With the remote, the user has the ability to choose from three ride modes, Descend, Traction Control and Lockout. Let’s explain each of these modes independently.


Our Proprietary FOX Nude shock features two positive air chambers. In Descend mode, both chambers are open, essentialy creating one large volume chamber. This gives you the full amount of available rear wheel travel. Both fork and shock are fully optimized for downhill performance with regards to both air spring rate and damping.


In Traction Control mode, one chamber is closed off, reducing the shock’s air volume. This reduces the effective travel and results in a more progressive air spring curve. This combined with an increase in compression damping leads to a few changes. Primarily, the system changes the bikes geometry when switching from Descend Mode to Traction Control Mode.

You sit higher in the shock’s travel, ground to pedal clearance is increased, and you effectively move forward into a more efficient position for putting down the power and clearing technical climbs. Additionally, the bike becomes more agile, more nimble and more efficient, all without sacrificing traction or sensitivity.

It is perfect for smoother, less technical terrain where you have to pump the bike to gain speed or rough, technical climbs where traction and comfort need to be maximized. Simultaneously, compression damping is increased in the fork in an effort to keep the bike well balanced.


TwinLoc Suspension System

The lockout mode is the firmest of all three modes. It is perfect for smooth road or fireroad transitions, or simply riding to the trailhead. The lockout still features a big hit blow off in the event that you hit a rough section, preventing damage to the fork and shock.


Let’s now look at each mode to see why they matter, and how they affect your ride.


The TwinLoc Suspension System allows us to design bikes with absolutely no compromise on descending performance. We can optimize a bikes geometry and suspension for descending, not having to sacrifice anything for other purposes.


As mentioned, when you go from the fully open, descend mode into Traction Control mode, one air chamber is closed off, reducing the effective travel of the rear shock. This necessitates two changes- increasing damping and increasing the progressivity of the spring curve. Making one change without the other drastically reduces performance. The TwinLoc suspension system is the only system that can simultaneously change both spring curve and damping, leading to a ride that isn’t harsh off the top and still provides incredible traction.


While similar systems exist on the market, much of the competition can only either change damping, or the air spring curve of their suspension platforms – not both. Let’s look at some advatages and disadvantages of each, and how they compare with the TwinLoc Suspension System.



  • Provides Support
  • Controls Excessive Suspension Movement


  • No change in Dynamic Sag / Geometry
  • No change in Travel
  • Harsh off the top, lack of sensitivity
  • Reduced traction



  • Travel Adjust – reduce long travel effect, make bike more nimble
  • Stay’s supple, traction ok


  • Reduced support throughout travel
  • Excessive Suspension Movement (ie. “pedal bob”)
  • Less efficiency
  • Often no noticeable change between modes



  • Travel Adjust
  • Geometry adjust
  • Sensitivity preserved
  • Minimizes excessive Suspension Movement
  • Liveliness and traction properties boosted compared to other options with the chassis control and damping support
  • Ease of use


Lockout mode gives you the firmest of the three suspension settings for when total efficiency counts. Be that up a fire road or on your way to the trailhead, front and rear lockout makes sure that you’re saving all of your energy for the trail.


The TwinLoc Suspension system find itself on many of our bikes, from full on XC race machines, to all day trail riding MTB’s. We find that there is a practical application for many uses.

TwinLoc Suspension System

World Champion Nino Schurter has used the TwinLoc Suspension System for many years now, claiming multiple World Championships, World Cup Overalls, and individual World Cups among numerous other titles.

Below you’ll find some statistics from World Cup Cross Country lap in Lenzerheide showing just how often Nino is Switching between modes in relation to the type of terrain he is using. Spending a majority of his time in Traction Control mode, Nino switches to Descend mode often, gaining time on his competitors with every meter.

When the climbs smoothen out, or when there is an option to really put the hammer down, Nino opts dor the Lockout mode guaranteeing efficiency in power transfer.

TwinLoc Suspension System

For trail riding, The TwinLoc Suspension System is the best solution for any day on the bike. Head out the door, start pedaling, and rest assured that your bike will be able to handle any climb, and trail, and any descent with flying colors.

Check out the video below to see what a typical day riding in Squamish, BC with Kevin Landry and Joel Ducrot looks like. Regardless of what the trail throws at you, take it in stride. You’ll quickly find that with the TwinLoc Suspension System and the all new Genius, the day can never be long enough.


No. The Fork is a standard Fox Fork with a custom-tuned 3 position damper. We use the fork as part of the system to make sure that we maintain balance during each mode, which we feel is important to the quality of the ride!
No. In fact, The Twinloc Suspension System enables us to be fully optimized for descending and for climbing or less technical terrain. The shock does not have to have to try and do everything with just one setting.
One of the many requirements for our mountain bikes is that they must pedal exceptionally well in Descend mode. Without TwinLoc, our full suspension mountain bikes will pedal as well as the best on the market. With the TwinLoc suspension System engaged in Traction or Lockout mode, we go above and beyond the pedal efficiency of other brands.
No matter the brand, every single full suspension bike on the market can benefit from the TwinLoc Suspension System, but it is only available on Scott bikes. This is because it is not just a pedal assist, but it is a system that transforms the whole characteristic of the bike.
Easy to service. Any fox distributor/dealer can service this bike.