This is the start of something big. Whatever your fix, our all-new Spectral:ON gives you more of it with a ride that no other bike can match. At Canyon, we set our sights high. We did not want to create just any e-bike, our goal from the start was to engineer an e-MTB with true mountain bike trail performance. Bringing together the latest in drive technologies with features that put the rider in the foreground, you get to spend even more time on the good stuff – whether that’s picking out impossible lines to the summit or running laps on your favourite trails over and over again. Get on it with the Spectral:ON.

Canyon Spectral:ONCanyon Spectral:ONCanyon Spectral:ONCanyon Spectral:ON

Spectral:ON 9.0 is one of the lightest e-MTBs on the scene.

The Shimano Steps E8000 drive system has the power to back up a new approach to riding.

Not too much, not too little, the right amount of travel delivers an active and connected ride.

The Spectral:ON adopts an innovative approach to take e-MTB riding up a level. A 29” wheel and 2.5” tyre hooked to a 30 mm rim on the front rim pairs with a 27.5” rear running fatter 2.8” rubber bedded onto a 35 mm rim for pinpoint accuracy in the turns and tenacious amounts of traction when climbing.

E-MTBs don’t perform on the trails? The Spectral:ON does. We’ve balanced out the extra weight of the drive system with a suspension setup that’s light and poppy for getting down to business on the fun stuff. The Spectral:ON is unmatched when it comes to natural and dynamic riding performance

Nobody needs range anxiety to ruin a big day out. The semi-integrated battery configuration on the Spectral:ON is especially designed to make it super quick and easy to swap out with a spare while you ride so you can double the distance and double the fun. Compact and weighing just 2.6 kg, simply stow the battery in your pack and carry on riding.

Canyon Spectral:ON

The smaller size of the Steps E8000 system enabled us to shape our geometry around the rider, not the motor, and build the Spectral:ON with short 430 mm chainstays for outstanding handling agility. Short 165 mm Shimano cranks on all models also reduce the chance of pedal strikes when climbing the steepest tech.

Canyon Spectral:ONGEO ADJUST

Some riders prefer to set-and-forget, others like to optimise their setups to whatever’s on the menu that day. Our Geo Adjust shifts BB height by 11 mm and slackens head and seat tube angles, enabling the rider to dial their bike for all-round or more downhill-based riding in a few simple steps.

Canyon Spectral:ON

Steeper climbs, more time sat down. We feel a different approach to riding requires a different approach to saddle design, so we decided to build our own. The SD:ON features increased rear support to keep the rider locked in position when climbing and a broad nose angled down for when things get silly steep.

Canyon Spectral:ON

Canyon Spectral: ON  Unboxing