„YT is more like my family, the bikes are so rad you can’t ride better ones so #ytforlife!”


In 2014 YT welcomed fast Frenchie Bryan Regnier to the YT Family. Together with him and the CAPRA, YT wants to make a statement in the Enduro World Series. Bryan is one of Cedric Gracia’s protegés and was successfully racing downhill and enduro for the CG Racing Brigade.
Marked by his time as a MX and DH pro, he is one of the most stylish enduro riders out there and fast as hell. On top of that Bryan will happily take his DH or enduro bike off jumps and drops that are so huge you’d only expect to see freeride pros send them.

YT Family member since: 2014
Home trail: Sainte Baume, France
Favorite bike park: Bike Park Whistler, Canada
Home base: Aix-en-Provence, France
Birthday: 14.12.1986
Body height: 1,83m
Body weight: 78 kg
Favorite beer: Corona


Bryan is the enduro racer of the team and always rides at the limit. Therefore he picks the CAPRA and JEFFSY in size L and uses a stiff set up. For the best performance at the EWS races he adjusts his suspension at every race individually. His basic set up in the front is a very stiff low-speed compression with more supple high-speed compression, for good small-bump compliance without a spongy feeling. In the rear he runs things pretty stiff compared to most other racers with nearly closed low-speed compression and just a bit open high-speed compression. This gives him the possibility to not lose control on very steep sections. His rebound is set very fast.