Mens’s Downhill Winner – Loic Bruni

Hart wasn’t able to make an impression on Bruni’s time, but did go into third, as Bruni and Pierron were left to celebrate an incredible day for the French at the finish.

Womens’s Downhill Winner – Rachel Atherton

With massive margins on her split times, Atherton put in a blistering run that saw her cross the finish line with a huge 20 second advantage


This was it. Mont-Sainte-Anne, AKA The Big One. Over the course of its life the Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup has seen races all over the globe, created two-wheeled heroes and produced some of the most spectacular sport the planet has ever seen. But one thing has remained constant… the terror that is Mont-Sainte-Anne.

One of the big drawbacks of mountain bike racing is that tracks are always, quite understandably, being tweaked and rejigged which, although great for racing, means that we don’t have any consistent stripes on which to measure one generation against the next. Mont-Sainte-Anne is that course that can be judged over the generations. The track has morphed over the years but it’s a standing monument to severity in both XCO and DH guises.

Add to this the Quebec area’s propensity for, shall we say, ‘dampness’ and you have a recipe for one of the biggest and most entertaining race weekends of the year.

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